Sword&Spade is a quarterly print magazine and book selection service for men that know...

…they need a greater challenge spiritually, morally, and intellectually.
…they are fathers in one way or another and need formation to live that fatherhood well.
…they face unique economic and practical challenges particular to the paternal. 
…they know the Church is facing massive internal challenges and a crisis of fatherly leadership.
…they need wise words on paper that can be read in silence, free from the distraction of screens.
…they need clear-headed commentary on contemporary issues.
…they need community, brotherhood, and belonging in a world of isolation and loneliness.  
…they need sharp theological and philosophical machetes to cut through the nonsense of the day.

Sword&Spade answers a critical need to help form and unite men in the pursuit of wisdom, virtue, and sanctity.  If you are one of those men, sign up for Sword&Spade today.  

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"I am very impressed with the Sword&Spade magazine. The articles are intelligent and intellectual but also readable. I find that many of the articles hit home with personal experience. I also have a sense of relating to the authors. I really appreciate what you guys are doing and it has been long needed."

- Jeff in KS

About the Title

Scripture employs two images describing a man’s duty in relation to his place and vocation: the warrior and the farmer.  The warrior wields the sword in the securing and protecting of the good, and the farmer works the spade in the cultivation and provision of the good.  Yes, “God is a warrior” (Exodus 15:3), so we must war as He would have us war.  But, also, as Our Lord said: “My Father is a farmer” (John 15:1 – Pater meus agricula est).  The sword is the tool of battle.  The spade is the tool of household and culture.

Why print?

There's a hidden cost to the cheap, efficient, and quick media-based communications of today.  Research is confirming what you know intuitively: scrolling, scanning, and skimming is literally altering the way our minds work, and not for the better.  Christianity has always had a special relationship with the written word, especially in our understanding of truth and our habits of prayer that require concentration and contemplation.  Sword&Spade offers a bridge back into the world of deep reading and the formation of the mind.
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"Speaking of Sword & Spade... I love that you don't shy away from longer articles, or harder topics, all from a genuinely Catholic and masculine perspective. I plan on holding on to these magazines because their content is timeless and they will be as relevant in a decade as they are now."

- P.L. from Canada 

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Peter Maurin was known to recommend, "Every workingman a scholar and every scholar a workingman."  He said this in reference to the great respect that the Church has for the insights seen more clearly in the eyes of workingmen along with the great intellectual tradition of the Church.  These treasured sources of wisdom come together in the Sword&Spade.

Brother level subscribers also get unliited access to online content, guides to help jump-start small men's groups, 3 carefully selected books mailed to them a year, and more!

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Your subscription is not just for you...

Sword&Spade began as a tool within Fraternus (est. 2008), a Catholic apostolate that helps men live in authentic Catholic brotherhood and initiate and mentor the next generation of men.  However, it became quickly evident that this publication could help other men while being a help to Fraternus.  Each subscriber, especially at the "Brother" level and up, helps to support an apostolate that has been mentoring boys into virtuous Catholic men for over ten years. 
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